Acute Injury Management

If you sustain an injury of any type including damaging muscles, tendons or joint ligaments you should follow the RICE guidelines for the first 72 hours after your injury:

Rest: from any activity that increases your pain to avoid further damage. Rest may also involve the use of crutches, a protective brace or tape or the use of a sling etc.

Ice: applied to the injured area for 10 minutes every 30minutes.

Ensure the bag of ice is wrapped in a tea towel before being applied onto your skin to prevent ice burn

Compression: compress the area with a compression bandage to help reduce swelling


Elevation: when resting, keep the injured area elevated about the level of your heart to minimize swelling



By following the RICE method for the initial stages of your treatment you will maximise recovery from your injury and return to your normal function or your sporting activities sooner.

Be sure to ask your therapist at Dynamic Physio about the
rehabilitation programme that would best suit your injury
to get you moving pain free again.